Where do I go now that I’m Free?


This piece represents an individual who is in a transitionary phase of their life. The bird and the cage are symbols of freedom, spiritual bondage, inertia, and denial. On one side you have an empty cage, on the other, you have a small bird perched on the shoulder of the woman. The bird yet remains and is invisibly tethered to the cage for some reason. Fly away bird, fly! How often are we too afraid to leave our own comfort zones of hurt and pity? Scars do heal, and life yet goes on. Why do we deny ourselves the freedom to fly and soar through life weightlessly? Why do we remain in self-imposed prisons where the iron bars are nothing more than our imaginations? Fly away little bird, fly! The world is yours to explore. You were born to traverse the heights of the skies Leave that old cage behind and go be free!

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Weight 10.8 kg
Dimensions 107 × 80 cm

42in. x 31.5 in

Materials and Techniques

Acrylic, Canvas