Summer in COVID


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The deserted beach and empty waters are symbolic of the 2019 coronavirus pandemic. The chairs and umbrellas are present for the fiery sunset but the crowds of people and swimmers are missing. The painting is something of a time capsule to remember this unpredictable year full of surprises and tragedy of COVID-19. The closings of public spaces and prohibition of large gatherings was a lifestyle change for everyone. Businesses shut down, schools and universities closed, and many people found themselves working from home. As we all were swinging in the pendulum of uncertainty, there was a peace and stillness that we have never quite experienced before. We all were forced to slow down and examine ourselves and the lives we lead and the people that are most important to us. This piece represents for many of us the year of 2019 as we all coped with the hardships of COVID-19.

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Dimensions 152.4 × 122 cm
Materials and Techniques

Acrylic, Canvas